Integrated Water Management® and Peak Well Service® are pleased to announce the permitting of our dedicated oil and gas exploration and production solid waste landfill. As of summer 2014, we are now one of the only facilities in the Intermountain West permitted to accept drilling mud, filters, drill cuttings, pit liners and other E&P waste streams for treatment and disposal.

The handling and disposal of drill cuttings and drilling mud is a time consuming expense and complex environmental problem for drilling rig operators. Drill cuttings can potentially contaminate the surrounding environment and remain a lingering liability until removed from the site. The liability and cost of on-site management and disposal of cutting and drilling mud takes focus away from what drillers and producers do best-produce energy.

IWM and our trusted partners will arrange the transportation and logistics. IWM will handle the remediation of your solid waste utilizing our land farm or licensed E&P solid and hazardous waste landfill and capture waste water in our disposal well. Our facility and processes adhere to the strictest standards; we take the responsibility of being good environmental stewards very seriously. IWM's treatment and disposal services help ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment, which translates to maximum compliance with applicable regulations and minimal liability to producers.